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CD-ROMantic ­čî┤: Vaporwave Music & Video Maker v3.2.0 APK for Android download

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cd-romantic is the first powerful and fully functional app that generates vaporwave music, you can completely generate a

cd-romantic is the first powerful and fully functional app that generates vaporwave music, you can completely generate an entire vaporwave album with the cd-romantic app, no need to be a music professional, with just a simple click, you can become a vaporwave music artist.
If you’re a fan of vaporwave or retrowave music styles, and you thought of making your own music, cd-romantic app will make your dreams come true, you can generate an entire vaporwave album using our app, you can even share it on social media and all music video platforms.
* Features :
cd-romantic app provide too many features such as selecting your music file using different way, picking from the music in-app list or manually select it from your files explorer app, cd-romantic app comes with 8 of vaporwave and aesthetic music effect such as :
– Vaporwave chill music effect: this effect turns your song into vaporwave chilling music by applying several filters such as tempo, pitch, and reverb effect it also changes the phaser of your song, for all that you can generate a vaporwave synthwave song.
– Japanese commercials sound music effect: with this effect, you can mix the Japanese commercials audio from the 80s with your song, this effect makes your song so much aesthetic, there’s a lot of Japanese commercials audio in the app, select your aesthetic one, and make your own vaporwave music.
– Slowed reverb music effect: this effect lets you slowed down your song and applying the reverb effect to make your song more aesthetic, too many people use the slowed reverb effect to make their song sounds vaporwave and more aesthetic.
– Aesthetic nightCore music effect: I assure you, you absolutely know the nightcore effect, and yes this effect lets you speed up your song by changing the tempo as well as the pitch, a lot of songs use nightcore effect, now you can use it too!
– No Vocal Japanese commercials music effect: the main object of this effect is removing the vocal or lyrics from the song, keeps the instrumental and beats only, mixing the final audio with Japanese commercial audio from the 80s to generate vaporwave music for you.
– Echo superslow music effect: this music effect allows you to slow down the track and applying the echo effect, so as a result you will get vaporwave synthwave music.
– Tempo and pitch music effect: you can manually adjust the tempo and pitch of your song, or select in-app effect templates such as slow, slower, slowest and nightcore.
– Video maker: in addition to saving the vaporwave audio into your device, you can also make a vaporwave and aesthetic video, our app provide too many gifs from the 80’s anime, select your aesthetic one, and make your own vaporwave video.
* How to use the app :
Open cd-romantic app, select your favorite song from the app music list, if you can’t find your song, you can manually pick it up, just click on the files button, and select it from your files explorer app, list of vaporwave music effects will appear, select one of them, wait till the app generate vaporwave music for you, after that, you have two options, you can save the audio into your device or make a vaporwave video.
* Other features :
– Automatically generate vaporwave music from your local song.
– Making chilling and relaxing music, listening to your vaporwave music, and feel relax and sleepy.
– Big collection of vaporwave music effects such as vaporwave chill, slowed reverb and nightcore.
– Fully functional vaporwave video maker, you can easily generate a vaporwave video mixing with your vaporwave song.
– Languages support.
– All tablets’ device supported.
Note : for best result, please use any song from the 80s, avoid the rap music style.

Download XAPK(35.3MB)

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